County official urges residents to test homes for radon


Free radon assessment kits are presently available from Midland County Department of Public Health-Environmental Health Services Division, based in 220 W. Ellsworth St.
Almost one in every eight Michigan homesteads comprises of a prominent radon level, and several counties, at least 40% of the homesteads may have problems. ]Radon- is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally and is able to build up in a homestead and lead to cancer. My friend Ben Shaoul was telling me that the chief source of radon normally emanates from surrounding soil getting in through openings in the foundation, floor as well as the lower basement openings of a wall in homesteads. Sump holes, other penetrations led by plumbing, duct as well as wiring work that have not been sealed properly can allow radon to enter into a homestead. Exposure over a period of time can raise the risk of person to getting lung cancer.

Robert Wolfe from Midland County Department of Public Health stated that, since there is no presence of warning signs such as headache, fatigue, as well as nausea, folks have a tendency of downplaying the health consequences and ignore the probability that there may be a quiet killer within their homes. Two nearby houses may possibly have considerably different radon amounts.

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  • Frank Edwards
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    Any type of home may have high level- new or even old, drafty or else well-sealed, as well as basement or even non-basement. The simply known health consequence is an amplified danger of getting lung cancer. The reason is that superiorpapers could have argued more about these things than ever.

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