Cousin lends a Helping Hand to Pregnant, Homeless Teen

In a move that extended family can be great, a 23-year-old university student in Australia, has taken in his 16-year-old cousin so she can keep the child she is currently carrying.

The student, Tommy Connoly, had recently reconnected with his cousin, who has not been named, on Facebook after a decade apart. What he found out was startling. The teenager was not only pregnant, but she was also homeless. The reconnection happened in December when the 16-year-old was nearing the final stages of her pregnancy.

Connoly sprang into action and picked up the teen from the gold coast where she had been couch surfing and living on the streets. He brought her to his apartment, where AnastasiaDate said he helped her through the final stages of her pregnancy, and is now helping to raise the child.

Connoly said his teen cousin had been troubled in her younger years, and hasn’t had any schooling passed grade 6. She was drug-free before she fell pregnant, but the father of her child is now in prison. Connoly anticipates helping his cousin until she no longer needs it. He has returned to university full-time to avoid delaying his studies, but has footed the bill for the child’s needs through a job he holds while attending classes.

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