Dan Newlin: Florida Super Attorney And Life-Long Dedicated Public Servant

Dan Newlin is one of Florida’s super lawyers. A graduate of Florida State University College of Law and lead attorney at Dan Newlin & Partners, Newlin has long had a passion for public service. Newlin began his career in public service at age 18 when he was hired as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New Chicago, Indiana. He went on to join the New Chicago police force and later became a deputy sheriff in Orange County. Newlin worked with the Tourist Policing Division, the Fugitive Division, and the Patrol Division. He was a good officer and received quite few honors and awards.

Newlin went to college at night while working as a deputy sheriff and graduated with a BA in Business Management. Later he earned his law degree from Florida State University while still employed with the sheriff’s department. These actions showed his commitment to public service was more than just lip service. Whether he was helping deliver a child in the back of the EMT vehicle or chasing bad guys and helping tourists as a highly respected deputy sheriff, Dan Newlin loved serving the public. And he has remained the same way as an attorney.

These days he takes on the cases of people who have been injured through no fault of their own and makes sure they get the justice they deserve. Since he began practicing law in Florida, he has had more than 10,000 of his clients receive over $100 million in combined compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering. Many people throughout the state of Florida see him as one of the super-attorneys. Newlin does not see himself that way. To him his role as an attorney is just another form of public service and he is honored to be able to help people get the settlements they deserve. Dan Newlin was written about by Findlaw.

Dan Newlin has spent almost his entire life helping people who were sick, suffering, and wronged. He has always tried his best to make them whole and to seek justice for them. Since 2001 he has been doing that as a personal injury lawyer for Dan Newlin & Partners in Florida. Accident victims know him as an attorney they can count on to hold the people that have hurt them accountable. For Dan Newlin, there’s no better feeling than to see a clients that was injured due to the negligence of someone else receive the settlement that allows them to pay their medical bills and rebuild their lives.

All his life attorney Dan Newlin has shown the willingness to step up and help people in need. He has done so as an EMT, a police officer, a decorated deputy sheriff, and now as an attorney.

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