Dare to be different. Dare to try Unicorn Hair

Do you desire for a color worth wowing the crowd? Allow yourself to be creative. Allow yourself to stand out. Allow Lime Crime to make this happen. Lime Crime has released a stunning semi-permanent hair color line called Unicorn Hair. This line consists of 13 colors and is entitled “Unicorn Hair.” This three year process has delivered a vegan and cruelty-free hair color selection. These colors range from Bunny to Neon Peach, and provide a strong, all natural appearance. These colors work best if lightened to a medium to light blonde. Unicorn comes in two formulas. The Full Coverage formula is a high pigmented load meant to deliver a more color absorbed appearance. This is ideal for individuals with lighter hair or the desire to lighten hair. The tint offer a pastel like appearance. There is no heat or toner required to make this stunning appearance come to life. Unicorn Hair is applied right out of the jar. This is ideal for those looking for a creative look while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. A word of caution, the Unicorn hair does not damage hair. The life of the dye job depends solely on how the hair is treated after the dye and how it is cared for. This means how the depth of the share is, your current hair condition, and what products are used in your hair determine the life cycle of the semi-permanent hair color. On darker hair Lime Crime Unicorn hair colors show up as a gorgeous tint. The best part is the color does not stain counters! This product does not come with a brush applicator, however, the brush applicators are not hard to come by. It is time to step out of the comfort zone and dare to be different. Unicorn Hair is here to provide that service. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en

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