Darius Fisher: Fixing Negative Digital Footprints

After four years and 1,500 clients, Darius Fisher, President and co-founder of Status Labs, is well acquainted with the damage that negative online information can cause. Recently named one of PR Week’s Innovation 50 – a group of 50 trend setters and innovators in the tech PR and digital communications sectors, he has given a second digital chance to his many clients; many of whom are public figures, athletes, entertainers, highly successful businessmen and politicians. Headquartered in Austin, Texas with satellite offices in New York and Sao Paulo, and a staff of 3o employees, Status labs has become the go-to firm for expert advice on growing sales via valuable digital marketing and PR strategies.

Mr. Fisher and his team prefer to take a proactive stance when working with clients by shielding them from the pitfalls that come from every angle in the digital world…bad reviews, negative press, leaked personal information, unflattering photos, and social media faux pas. The advice is as simple as changing your password frequently, removing personal information from on-line text brokers like PeopleSmart.com and others, and changing your social media privacy settings. Even with these precautions, a nasty divorce or financial difficulties, when given steam online can take precedence over any positive information. It is for this reason that many seek the help of a digital PR expert-bad news travels fast and can cause a tidal wave of business and personal repercussions.

In a recent article, Mr. Fisher spoke about helping his clients tell their story online. He realizes that everything printed in the newspaper or posted on the internet is only one side of the story. Getting that other side of the story out is what he does best. Through content rich social media profiles, press releases highlighting professional accomplishments and dynamic personal websites, anyone can change their Google search results to reflect that other story.

Leading a premiere online reputation management firm such as Status Labs has led Mr. Fisher to be requested as a guest speaker at the Impact15 Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This symposium of the online marketing industry’s leading digital PR communication interests offered a platform for Mr. Fisher to share knowledge on best practices and the SEO along with content development tools available to fix your search engine results. Mr. Fisher’s best advice to everyone is to stay on top of your digital footprint with regular searches.

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