Darius Fishers Builds and Grows Status Labs

Darius Fisher is someone to contact when a digital reputation has taken a turn for the worst. Not everyone might even realize they have a “digital reputation” until they learn about some of the unflattering things that have been posted about them online. Not everyone really browses the internet. Small business owners may not even think too much about online reviews that turn up. The issue here is all those annoying, reputation-damaging comments, news reports, blogs, and selections of content could prove devastating. This is why working with a reputation management firm proves to be a huge help. Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of a very successful one, Status Labs.

Status Labs is based in Austin, TX and the company provides a number of different strategies to help client recover their previously good name. The steps employed to help change search engine results and enhance social media presence are deliberate and do work wonders for reversing the presence of an overabundance of bad press.

Status Labs was launched by Fisher roughly four years ago. Prior to founding the company, Fisher worked as a copyrighter and a political consultant. So far, Status Labs has proven to be quite successful. The staff has reached about 30 people and new offices have been opened in New York City and San Paulo, Brazil.

The clients who have taken advantage of Status Labs’ services includes politicians, people in the public eye, executives dealing with bad press, and many small and large businesses. Actually, companies in the “Fortune Top 100” have requested help from Fisher and his company. That is impressive.

Fisher has had to deal with some public relations issues as well. There was a parting of the ways between himself and company co-founder Jordan French. The previous company Fisher was affiliated with ran into some trouble with Wikipedia over editing disagreements. Right now, Fisher seems to be doing well and his reputation management firm has clients in 35+ countries. The total number of those clients is north of 1,500.

The company also provides services in PR and digital marketing. Look for Darius Fisher and Status Labs’ profile to continue to grow. The reputation management service surely is going to remain in demand. Bad news has a tendency to remain stuck in the search engines. Without the help of a reputation management service, all that bad news is going to remain in place causing problems.

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