The Brazilian economy has been under duress for the last five years. This year, it is going to contract by 4.5%. It has been under duress with corruption scandals engulfing the Latin nation. It is one of the world’s largest economies, and its current struggles have caught the world by surprise.

The current crisis can be directly tied to the state’s economic policies. The Dilma Rousseff led governments has created a populist policy that is simply not sustainable. To them, votes are all that matters. The chicken has finally come home to roost and the slow done of the Chinese economy has severely hit Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen has started a campaign to bring back Brazilian investors. He is an investment banker based in the US who for a long time worked in Brazil. Cornelsen believes in long term investment policies and says the stock exchange should be your playground for a lifetime.

Igor Cornelsen says there are several reasons why you should invest in Brazil. The reason includes

The Brazilian nation has 200 million people. It is an enormous market for goods. It is large consumer population with a rising middle class.

Igor Cornelsen on thestreet has mentions that the finance minister has been replaced. A more competent and experienced one will change the populist policies of the government.

The Brazilian government is currently under pressure to reverse its policies. It has been accused of too much interference and corruption. It will have to shape up or ship out. The rise of the Brazilian currency means Brazilian goods are now competitive. It can now compete favorably with the Chinese in Latin America.

The Chinese economy is showing signs of a recovery. It means the country will resume its export to the Asian country.

Igor Cornelsen is himself a wealthy investor. He currently runs his Hedge fund from South Florida. Igor has appeared in numerous magazines advising many people on how to invest in the stock market. He warns people to be careful what portfolio you choose.

According to Igor, the most important thing is to do is make sure that you choose the right company. The best approach is an enterprise with a sound management and has a history of real returns.

Igor laughs off the idea that stock markets are a gamble. According to him, invest in long-term strategies to make the most money. It pays to have many small shares in numerous companies. It is the best way to spread risks.

Igor is today a voice of reason in the finance world. He has achieved a lot and is a blessing to the world. We wish him all the best.

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