Dherbs: The Best Of Both Worlds


It’s no news that holistic health is on trend. It’s been on the rise for a few years, and there are constantly new products on the market to choose from. What’s important to consider though is the history of the products and suggestions that have found their way into mainstream media.

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Holistic medicine is riddled with stigma and stereotypes, and because of that it’s often misunderstood. Rather than this being a modern trend, concepts like detoxing have been practiced for centuries. Taking a look at heavy metals, for example, they can be seen in legends throughout history. However, the threat of the toxins were dealt with by various detoxifications efforts across numerous civilizations.


Dherbs is a company that was founded in 2004 by A.D. Dolphin. Dolphin believes that health comes from within the body and built Dherbs based on that belief. Dberbs products, which can be found at Dherbs.com, are all based on the ancient practices of different civilizations, namely Native American traditions and Biblical traditions. The products are not meant to be a stand-alone though. According to holistic health, supplements can’t do it all. Diet modification and an active lifestyle should also be incorporated.


Dherbs takes it’s inspiration from the natural world and the power it holds. Dolphin recognizes just how valuable the botanical world is to our wellbeing, and this theme can be seen within the many products the company offers. On dherbs.com you’ll find a 20 day full body cleanse. It’s recently drawn a lot of attention, and just this product alone includes Gymnema Leaf, Garcinia Fruit, Aloe Vera Leaf, Green Tea Leaf, and African Mango Seed. Dherbs takes the best of the ancient world knowledge and combines it with modern technology to bring out the best opportunity for health the way it was meant to be.

There are also some famous friends that have tried CEO AD Dolphin’s unique health approach, as he has been featured on many shows including Steve Harvey.

You can also find his visit to The Real here: http://thereal.com/page/2018/02/20/dherbs/

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