Do You Wanna Help My Friend Jon? I Think You Do

Earth Force is a charitable organization based in Denver that is working tirelessly towards the realisation of an environment that is greener, healthier and cleaner than what we have now. One of my dearest friends, Jon Urbana, has joined their noble efforts by starting a campaign with his lacrosse campers at Next Level, all done via crowd funding using the Go Fund Me site. He has set a goal of getting at least $1750.

About Jon Urbana

I’ve known him for about 20 years before we went to Villanova and played lacrosse together, and Jon is not a stranger to online funding campaigns, having run another funding campaign for supporting ARAS recently. He believes in making the world a better place, with a personal website entirely dedicated to this subject matter.

Jon also uses Twitter to emphasize the amazing power the youth as well as the world’s masses hold in making these online funding campaigns successful. Through his Facebook posting, shares, likes, and more, Urbana aims at mobilizing the youth, the majority of whom follow him on Instagram as they are very active on social media.

This is the key reason why Urbana opted for funding through a crowdfunded type of online campaign – to attract the youth. He wants them to join his movement together with Earth Force Inc as participants and activists to improve the local neighbourhoods and environments. Contact Jon on Linkedin to see how you can help!

Jon Urbana is an avid Instagrammer and recently learned the art of flying an airplane. As with all things he does, he excelled to the point of an FAA award that was documented in the Aviation Business Gazette. The man makes some pretty nice music too.

On the business side of things, Jon is Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s co-founder, apart from being obviously a charity supporter. Next Level Lacrosse Camp is among Colorado’s finest summer training programs mostly for young lacrosse players.

His involvement with his campers, even making videos with them, has made Jon realise the commitment and care that the young people have towards making the environment better and cleaner. He collaborated with Earth Force Inc in order to bring more youths into the noble project, youths who in this case are ready and willing to dedicate their energy and time towards making mother earth cleaner and more beautiful.

Go Fund Me

The Go Fund Me website offers a great platform to people who wish to start their online campaigns aimed at raising funds for charitable causes. Most businesses and people are getting online nowadays due to the huge potential the online markets offer as well as social circles. This presents a good platform to create and highlight awareness on the societal and environmental issues affecting the world today.

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