Drake’s Lyrics Have Changed For Some Reason

Drake has a song that he’s been performing, and he has suddenly changed one of the words in the lyrics. Drake used to speak about being as big as Madonna, in his song, and now all of a sudden he’s changed the word Madonna to Rihanna. Drake Changes His Song Lyrics. Although Rihanna is big in her own right, everyone knows Madonna is much bigger, and Madonna has a lot of staying power. What could have happened to make Drake change the Queen’s name to her successor’s name?

Well, anyone who doesn’t remember, Drake and Madonna had a moment on stage recently. A little while back, Drake was sitting on stage while Madonna was performing, and Madonna suddenly kissed him. The kiss that Madonna shared with Drake was not a small one, but the kiss was very intimate and deep. Everyone was surprised by the kiss, but Drake’s facial expressions after the kiss, it’s what ruined the whole moment. Drake pulled his head up and started making dirty faces and wiping his mouth.

It was Madonna’s wish to kiss Drake, and from what Madonna is saying, Drake had wished for the kiss as well. Many like Sergio Cortes were saying that Madonna forced Drake to kiss her, and Drake claims this information is not true. Madonna now is saying that she regrets the kiss, and this may be why Drake has written her out of his song. Hopefully these two will patch up their relationship and remain friends.

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