Entrepreneur and Philanthropist: Marc Sparks

Mark Sparks has been a major entrepreneur from the time he graduated high school in 1975 in Austin, Texas. He has been behind a dozen start up companies.

Some have prospered while others collapsed. Those that were not successful did not deter him from continuing with other start up companies. The irony of the situation is he has had no formal training.

His main company, where he keeps a portfolio of private equity firms, is Timber Creek Capital, LLC. Before he starts a company, he first establishes a list of both short term and long term goals and prefers to meet people face to face in real time. He goes into more detail in his book titled, “They Can’t Eat You”.

He felt the need to write this book to give help to other entrepreneurs who, similar to himself, have not had any training and are looking to start their own business.   Mark Sparks believes that his fellow entrepreneurs can learn more from his failed businesses than from his successful ones – Spark Tank DFW.

Wikipedia confirms that Marc Sparks hopes the book will help business owners from losing hope and saving their business, as well as helping newer ones to develop and set goals to achieve their dreams.  Marc also likes to help people outside of the business world.

Since the late 80s, he has dedicated some time to helping other who are less fortunate. His deepest passion is helping out at a local homeless shelter called, The Samaritan Inn. This program does not just help people with a meal or a cot for the night. They house people who want to improve their lives. Sparks is involved in helping these people get into programs for job placement, as well as counseling, education and family services.

The people who graduated from the program are able to dig themselves out of poverty and thrive.  Disqus also reveals that Marc Sparks has also had a hand in Habitat for Humanity, where he has helped build over a dozen homes. He is a supporter for the American Can! Academy and he has started a foundation called “Sparky’s Kids”, where he helps raise funds to put computers in the hands of at risk youth.

He is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty.  In his personal life, Marc Sparks lives a healthy lifestyle and he is a big outdoorsman. He enjoys activities like hunting, fishing, hiking and golf. He has even traveled around the world and visited some of its most exotic places where some of his most successful business ideas have come from.

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