Equities First Holdings Records New Achievements Following Change In Lending Regulations

As a market leader, Equities First Holdings has aspired to offer affordable credit solutions that are aimed at enhancing the access to credit among borrowers. The company, established over a decade ago, has emerged as the most preferred stock-based lender. One of the achievements Equities First Holdings made recently is the issuance of more loans than the company has ever achieved due to some changes that occurred in the lending world affecting banks.

Many banks changed their lending regulations and tightened the criteria upon which borrowers can qualify for a loan. These new rules have left many with no option for credit apart from turning to alternative lending, which includes working with stock-based lenders like Equities First Holdings. With the new regulations also came an increase in interest rates, a situation that has made borrowers to opt for other methods of borrowing.

Borrowers who have tried stock-based lending have found the option better since the interest rates offered are friendly coupled with the fact no changes in the economy like inflation can affect the rates. Additionally, there are no stringent measures applied for borrowers who are looking to access working capital. All one needs is to have publicly traded stocks and the lender will offer credit that is equivalent to the value of the stocks.

The repayment period and terms offered when it comes to stock-based lending are relaxed and don’t force one out of options. It is a comfortable system that allows borrowers to access credit regardless of their status.

More about Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings has come out as a strong player in the lending industry and their stock-based lending option has attracted customers from across the world. The company, founded in 2002, has grown over the years and recorded achievements amounting to billions. To date, they have recorded at least $1.4 billion in loans issued to customers and they are looking to continue offering more people a source of working capital.

In line with their regulations and vision, Equities First Holdings has emphasized the need for maintaining fair interest rates in the market. Their lending options have offered the most affordable interest rates and their regulations are friendly to all categories of borrowers.

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