Eric Pullier, CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation is an information technology corporation located in Falls Church, Virginia. Computer Sciences Corporation employs more than seventy thousand individuals around the world – literally, around the world. CSC offers services to people in more than seventy countries, located all around the world.

Computer Sciences Corporation is one of the largest companies that exclusively provides information technology services. CSC reported earning in excess of twelve billion US dollars in the 2014 fiscal year (which ran from April 2014-2015 for Computer Sciences Corporation). Talk about one heck of a business!

Mr. Eric Pulier is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Computer Sciences Corporation. Mr. Pulier attended the ever prestigious Harvard University, and graduated magna cum laude in the year 1988, with a major in English and American Literature. He was also a writer for The Harvard Crimson.

The first business endeavor of his was his foundation of Digital Evolution. In 1998, he co-founded US Interactive, Incorporated, and also served as the Chairman. In 2001, he began working for Akana, a software company. Mr. Eric Pulier founded Akana, and used to be the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. Two years later, he became the Officer of the Malibu Chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization. In 2007, he co-founded Media Platform, Incorporated, and served as the Director. Since then, he has worked at Desktone, Incorporated, co-founded ServiceMesh, Inc., founded Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, served as innovation board member for XPRIZE, and has been the Chief Executive Officer of Stemulis.

Computer Sciences Corporation has received a large number of awards from various entities. CSC is consistently considered one of the best leaders in security services, a subfield of information technology. One of CSC’s business ventures, the United States’ Army Logistics Modernization Program was on the receiving end of the Excellence in Enterprise Integration Award, from the Association for Enterprise Integration. Computer Sciences Corporation has won many awards, and the complete list of awards can be viewed on their website,

Computer Sciences Corporation has great values, by anyone’s standards. CSC’s values are clear – they are client focused, exhibit a strong sense of leadership, do the best they can in all endeavors, aspire “to be more tomorrow than [they] are today,” and know they are to be held accountable for their actions.

CSC is a diverse organization, which means they do not discriminate on any basis. Many of their employees are from a plethora of backgrounds, as they operate in more than seventy countries. Their basis of diversity is viewed from the country that the offices are operating from.

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