Fans Distressed by Yet Another High Profile Divorce

Numerous celebrity divorces have supplied fodder for tabloid gossip columns in the past. Recently, fans heard the startling news that actress Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on Monday from her husband, 52-year old actor Brad Pitt. She seeks physical custody of their six children with joint legal custody and visitation rights accorded to the father.

The “Brangelina” romance garnered worldwide headlines for 14 years. The couple’s celebrity lifestyle, foreign adoptions and political activism on behalf of many causes attracted press interest. Both celebrities frequently directed public attention towards the plight of refugees in war zones. Angelina Jolie, as a public relations ambassador for the UN, ventured in recent years into refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East, hoping to inspire public concern about harsh living conditions endured by some of the world’s most destitute people. This week, some online bloggers attempted to make light of the tragic breakup, issuing “brangelexit” commentaries.

Reports circulated today that Lance Spiegel may represent Brad Pitt. He has reportedly worked on behalf of a number of famous entertainment figures in high profile matters in the past, including celebrities such as Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson and Heather Locklear.

Brad Pitt issued a public statement this week after news outlets learned about the divorce filings. He expressed sorrow at his wife’s decision to file for divorce. He requested “space” and understanding for the family from the media.

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