Farron Bernhardt Is The New CEO For The Manse On Marsh


The Manse on Marsh is pleased to announce a new CEO, Farron Bernhardt. He comes to the facility with high recommendations and a lot of experience with assisted living facilities. Farron stated in a recent article, on PRWeb, that he is pleased to be a member of the Manse family. He reports that he believes the facility is tops and will remain tops as long as he is at the helm. Farron is happy to get the opportunity to get to know each and every resident in the facility. Mr. Bernhardt speaks highly of the coastal community and the facility. According to him, the facility is going to continue to be the best and he is going to see that it does.


Since the facility opened it’s doors in San Luis Obispo, the Manse has been doing great things for the residents and community as a whole. The facility is a great place to retire. The residents are happy and very well taken care of. Each resident has the opportunity to speak about the facility and they all say good things. They are all happy with the facility and the care they receive. Each family member speaks high marks on the care their family member receives and the care the facility receives. This facility cares about the people it serves as well as the people that serve. Each person that works at the Manse on Marsh is full of good remarks, and they have a high ranking page on Indeed full of happy former employees.


A great assisted living facility will outshine the competition with great marks and gold stars. This is the second time this facility has reached the gold star mark. Every person that tours the facility speaks highly of the staff, the amenities, and the recreation. Having a good reputation and great recreation makes living at the Manse a treat. Most people are scared or dreading leaving their home to live in a facility. They worry about the care. They worry about the facility and how it will be kept. No one has to worry about the Manse. The housekeeping and laundry staff keep the facility in top clean shape. The nursing staff and administrative staff make sure each resident gets the care they require. The facility runs like clockwork and Farron is happy to be heading the ship. Check out how he does as CEO by following The Manse on Marsh on social media, including Twitter and Facebook platforms.

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