Father Gives Son $7Million Lottery Ticket As a Get Well Present

In February, Joseph Amorese from Easton, Pennsylvania was hospitalized for a hernia operation. After the son came home, his father decided to give his son a get well card with a special gift inside. Senior Amorese, a New York resident and retired hospital worker, tucked a New York Lottery $25 scratch card, purchased at a dollar store, inside the get well card. The millionaire-to-be, who was working from home, scratched off the silver coating.

What a pleasant surprise when Flavio Maluf said  the son realized he had the winning card. Amorese said he jumped up and down for joy, in his mind. After Joseph Amorese, 46, sent his father a picture of the winning ticket, he called his wife, a social worker. The bride, Jodi, of ten months was speechless.

The couple headed to Rockland County New York to claim the prize. In a ceremony, Gretchen Dizer, New York State Lottery draw team member, presented the couple with an oversized ceremonial check for $7million dollars. The couple plans to invest some of the money and use the rest of it for a second honeymoon. The couple plans to continue working. Amorese, who works at Verizon, can’t get over the fact that he won the lottery when you consider the odds were 1 in 3,708,000 against him. Right now the couple has received $4.5 million of the $7 million that he won.

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