FBI Agent Stole Evidence For His Drug Habit

Driven by his addiction to prescription painkillers, an FBI agent consumed heroin that was seized by FBI agents in other cases.

According to documents filed Friday, in a federal court in Washington, DC, Matthew Lowry, former special agent with the Washington FBI office, stole hundreds of grams of heroin, for his own use, that had been seized in investigations in 2013 and 2014.

People at Imaging Advantage have learned that Lowry will plead guilty to 64 counts of obstruction of justice, possession of heroin and property modification, said attorney Robert Bonsib. Prosecutors say the former agent faces at least seven years in prison, but Bonsib said he asked for a lighter sentence.

Because of the charges against Lowry, federal prosecutors will dismiss charges against at least 28 defendants in drug cases, and notify 150 more than Lowry had participated in investigations against them, according to the documents.

In one case, the charges against 14 suspects, accused of belonging to an organization of large-scale drug trafficking, and the subject of a major investigation in California and Washington were dismissed. The investigation into this case included warrants, physical surveillance and expensive techniques that were time-consuming to implement.

Prosecution documents claim that Lowry accessed drugs that had been processed as evidence, took the heroin evidence bags and then added a substance to compensate for the amount he withdrew. To do this, he used a food supplement or a laxative to replace those amounts, according to the documents.

A spokesman for the FBI in Washington declined to comment on the case.

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