FBI Looking Into Brad Pitt Abuse Allegations

The airplane incident involving Brad Pitt just keeps getting worse. Now, the FBI is getting involved. Technically the FBI has jurisdiction over events that occur when aircraft are airborne. The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is also looking into it.

Accounts right now vary widely on just what exactly happened on that plane. There apparently is some footage of the incident which has yet to be released.

Here’s what is known: Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie were flying home from France with their six children. Brad apparently attacked Jolie’s 15 year old son, Maddox.

Brad allegedly was drunk and got into an argument with Angelina. Maddox jumped in to defend his mother and apparently Brad lunged at him. Pitt is adamant that he did not strike the child. Witnesses say Brad did put his hands on him.

The flight had a stop in Minnesota to refuel. At that point, Brad exited the plane and had some kind of meltdown on the tarmac. Apparently he tried to take a fuel truck to drive away.

Now that the divorce is underway, Pitt plans to fight for joint custody.

Sources close to Pitt claim that he was inappropriate towards his family but that some accounts have blown the story out of proportion. Sources can’t even agree on whether or not he was drunk, though people who saw him on the tarmac say he was obviously intoxicated.

Some close to the family are saying that Jolie and Pitt disagreed on how to parent the children and that Pitt has an issue with substance abuse.

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