Fireman Adopts Dog He Saved


I love a good, heartwarming pet story and this one is no different. Life with dogs has an up-lifting story today about a Rottweiler that needed a good home.

In November, 2014 a malnourished Rottweiler named Isis was rescued from the roof of an abandoned house. Isis’ owners had abandoned the home and somehow Isis had managed to chew through some drywall and end up stranding herself on the roof. Neighbors heard her cries for help and called for help. Firefighter Kyle Trimble and the rest of his squad came to her rescue and got her off the roof. When they saved her she weighed half of what a healthy Rottweiler should weight.

Isis’ owner showed up during rescue and claimed that he had no idea his dog was even still in the house. He thought she ran away. Luckily authorities saw fit not to give Isis back to the owner. Instead Kyle adopted her once he heard that she was up for adoption. Kyle since has changed her name to Attie and said that not only is she healthy, she is happy and well adjusted.

It really breaks my heart to hear about animals who have been mistreated, abused, or forgotten like poor Isis. However it is people like Kyle Trimble who come to the rescue of these animals and restore my faith in humanity for a while. More abused dogs available for adoption can be found at The service is funded by BRL Trust.

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