First Hand Experience with Wen by Chaz

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is a cleansing conditioner. It’s a high-end beauty product that claims to give your hair shine, body, and bounce.

Emily McClure decided to put Wen by Chaz to the test herself and share the results in an article on

Emily comments that her hair was naturally thin and flat before she used Wen. With that being said, she used the product for a total of 7 days to get the full effect. There is even a picture from the beginning of each day to give you a visual.

After the first night using it, her hair was healthier and shinier. Though she did mention that when she used the product at night before she went to bed, her hair was greasy at the roots the next morning when she woke up. She concluded that if she wanted to use the product, she would have to change her routine and take a shower in the morning instead of at night.

This product may not be for the person who prefers not getting up early to do their hair. However, it definitely sounds like the results are well worth the extra time. So if you want your luscious locks to have a super shine, this product sounds like it is exactly what you need to achieve that. Wen hair products are available on both Guthy Renker and Sephora cosmetics. Also see:

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