From Handybook to Handy, Transformation of a Powerhouse

Oisin Hanrahan the founder of Handy recently said in an interview that there are no real competitions to Handy as there is no one who operates on the same scale as Handy does. Handy is currently the biggest player in this niche market and is doing its very best to remain at the forefront. Oisin Hanrahan said that the team at Handy do not focus too much on the competition, rather they focus their attention on potential ways to improve the existing service as well as add on to what is already in place. They have the lead in this 2 sided marketplace, the customer and the contractor.

In the past has been an industry that was not really understood very well. Handy has allowed the firm to bring contractors and customers onto the same page. Contractors from all walks of life can now provide their services and have a huge range of clients at their fingertips without having to go out and find the marketplace. Handy has provided the model and all people have to do is connect. Handy’s only real job is to uphold the standard of their services and make sure that the parties remain happy. In the past this was the most difficult task as Aaron Cheung of Homejoy has experienced. They were similar service to Handy’s but have since been closed due to difficulty in juggling the variables. Handy employ’s a total of 160 full time staff as well as having 10 000 contractors at their disposal. These contractors do not function as employees rather they are connected via the app to the customer. Handy handles the payment of the contractor through the app as well as providing a money back guarantee.

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