From Homeless To College Bound: A Young Woman Turns A Disaster Into Motivation

Natural disasters often have long term effects beyond the initial damage, loss of loved ones, and more. Many people that have been affected by hurricanes and tornadoes have had to literally start over from scratch. When your home, all of your possessions, and, possibly even your employer, is suddenly gone in the blink of an eye it is terrifying. Where to go and what to do are the first thoughts in victim’s minds.

Bernardo Chua says however, One young lady survived Hurricane Sandy when she was a high school sophomore but her family lost their home and everything in it. With her eyes on the future and an ivy league college in her dreams, Daria Rose pushed harder then ever to make her dreams a reality. Now that she is a senior the time has come to find out which post-secondary schools accepted her and which one she will accept in return. Rose applied at seven universities and got seven acceptances. She is humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.

She only has a little while longer before she must decide where she will attend in the fall but is excited about the options before her because she will not have to settle. Her experience has only made her a stronger, more determined young lady.

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