Fuel Station Fire Kills Scores in Ghana

A fuel station in the Accra, the capitol of Ghana, exploded today, killing close to 100 people and injuring twice as many. The number of dead and injured is expected to rise as rescue efforts continue. The high number of casualties is a result of heavy rains and flooding which drove a large number of people to seek shelter under the cover of the fuel station. Investigators have not determined that exact cause of the ignition of the fire but a working theory is that someone seeking shelter may have light a cigarette and ignited fumes or loose petrol at the station. Fuel Station Explodes in Ghana Ghana officials report that rescue efforts are hampered by driving rain storms and flooding which is a natural emergency event itself. Police have blocked off the station cite to preserve the scene for the gathering of evidence when the rain subsides. Ghana officials quickly stated that this was not an act of terror and may simply be the result of tragic human error. All of the dead and injured had been brought to handy local hospitals for care and identification. Notification of family members is just beginning and officials have promised to do what is needed to make sure that all family members are notified as to the status of their loved ones. The company that owns the fuel station had no comment and will look into the matter as well, according to officials.

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