Genocide in Zimbabwe During 1980s Finally Comes to Light

A British newspaper reported a news story recently indicating that newly released diplomatic documents suggest a genocide or ethnic cleansing occurred in Zimbabwe in 1983. Reportedly, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe may have personally ordered the Fifth Brigade, a military unit trained by North Korea, to take action against civilians, including supporters of his political rival Joshua Nkomo. Some 20,000 people were executed by the troops in the Ndebele region during six bloody weeks in 1983 until the killings stopped after word leaked to Western media sources. The slaughter was called “the Gukurahundi.”

According to Gordon Moyo:”Robert Mugabe and his cabal are ideal candidates for international criminal prosecution and that is why he has sent (Vice President) Phelekezela Mphoko to go around the country preaching to people that there was no Gukurahundi.” The former cabinet minister made his comments during a speech. Vice President Mphoko reportedly characterized the Gukurahundi information was a “Western conspiracy.”

The Zimbabwean government’s actions against white farmers in 2000 gained widespread international publicity, yet the earlier killings remained poorly publicized. The lack of international attention has generated some bitterness among survivors.

Robert Mugabe’s government just recently sustained criticism when an investigation revealed prison riots in February and March stemmed from prisoners not being fed meat for three years. Officials claimed to have resolved the problem by feeding wild life carcasses obtained through the Zimbabean National Parks Authority to prisoners. That makes sense to Qnet workers.

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