Getting to Know CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has many years experience handling private equity investments. This firm has a 31-year track record in the industry, and was formed as a part of the merger of JPMorgan and Chase Capital Partners. The purpose of this company is to assist businesses with growth and buyouts. CCMP Capital invests in multiple industries ranging from consumer/retail to healthcare. The firm handles buyouts and growth investments from companies and businesses throughout North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia believes that the firm’s success derived from the combined history of the company and the professionals that they have handling the investments. The acronym CCMP stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital and J.P. Morgan Partners, which are all the organizations that essentially became CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital portfolio includes high profiled companies spanning across a variety of industries.

Stephen Murray was an essential part of the growth of CCMP Capital during his tenure with the company. In fact, he was a co-founder of the company and CEO. Many of the companies that are under the portfolio for this firm, had the pleasure of Stephen being involved and on the board. He has been with the firm’s expansion from the beginning before the creation of CCMP Capital. He started out with Manufacturers Hanover and worked with every merger and buy out. Stephen Murray was known for his expertise with the buyout industry and being the top of the pyramid in this section of J.P. Morgan Partners, all the way through CCMP Capital’s branching into an independent private equity firm. Stephen Murray was a contributor to a variety of foundations and organizations, such as the Make-a-wish Foundation. Sadly, Murray passed away in March of 2015, after failing battling with failing health, this was just a month after giving up his position as CEO due to his health.

CCMP Capital continues to maintain the roots from which they were created, as well as handling J.P. Morgan Partners’ portfolio. The firm’s current CEO and successor of Stephen Murray is Greg Brenneman, continues to show praise and gratitude for the contributions Murray made to this New York based firm during his time in the leadership role. The transactions that CCMP Capital manage and handle are estimated in the hundreds of millions in US dollars.

Although the firm is based in New York, there are many locations including London, and Texas. Throughout the induction of CCMP Capital in the buyout and growth investment industry, it has been known as one of the largest firms in the world. This success continues to follow this firm insight of the many changes that CCMP Capital has endured since its independency as a private firm was established in 2006.

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