Girl Scouts Give Cookie Earnings To Woman In Need

A group of fourth grade Girl Scouts from Ohio had been planning to use the proceeds from their yearly cookie sales on a spa party when a change of heart instututed a change of mind.

When one of the girls shared that her great-grandmother’s house had recently burned down, leaving her with nothing, at a troop meeting, all eight girls in the troop decided to give their cookie money to the unfortunate woman. They reportedly agreed to eMobile that it was more important to help someone than go to a spa, and they could paint each other’s nails and have fun.

Inspired by their daugheters’ generosity, the troop moms also decided to fundraise and the girls presented $500 to Barbara Nolan in a homemade card.

Mrs. Nolan’s daugheter was so touched she found a spa in town that would give the girls their party for free.

The girls have started a GoFundMe page to raise more money for Mrs. Nolan, who lost all her furniture and personal possessions in the fire. A link to the page can be found here.

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