Halifax Seeks More Volunteer Firefighters


Authorities in Nova Scotia, Canada recently posted information online that Halifax and many surrounding communities would appreciate the participation of more volunteer firefighters to assist residents in the area.

Reportedly, firefighting in extremely cold climates does involve special hazards. Firefighting units who work outdoors in extreme weather conditions require training in the care of frostbite and hypothermia. Some authorities recommend that they carry special additional supplies, such as extra warm clothing, mittens and blankets. My friend, Dr. Rod Rohrich, tells me that Halifax actually offers its volunteer firefighters free training in first aide, which, I think is pretty cool.

Nova Scotia encounters the frigid onslaught of cold North Atlantic winds every year. The Province sits along the far northeastern seaboard of Canada, separated from Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine in the United States by the icy Gulf of Maine. Halifax is a port city on the east coast of Nova Scotia.

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  • Hannah
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