Handy Sent Two Great Workers To Clean My Home

I got a vacuum cleaner that is so difficult to use that I gave up after trying to use it one time. I was able to get it to turn on, but I was never able to clean my home with it. I wanted someone else to clean my home because I didn’t have the time to do it anyways. I didn’t just want any person coming into my home to clean it because I wanted someone who knew exactly how a home should be cleaned, especially how I wanted my home cleaned. I was recommended to Handy services by a friend of mine.

My friend says she gets Handy cleaners out to her home every two weeks, and she couldn’t be more pleased with their services. Since my friend is very trustworthy and her home always looks beautiful, I definitely had to take her advice, and I chose to go to Handy’s website. After checking out the app, I chose to sign up for cleaning service the same week, and I made sure to have them come on the day that I’d be free to observe their work. I wanted the workers at my home by 12 PM, and the workers actually came out by 11:50 AM.

I was so impressed with the fact that Handy came on time that I already determined that I was going to give them a tip for punctuality. I told them I mostly needed vacuuming done, and I also wanted some dusting done as well. The work to be done seemed simple enough, but since I had a very big house, I knew the vacuuming would take at least half an hour to an hour, depending on how well they were going to vacuum my home. Just as I thought, they took close to an hour vacuuming my home, and I loved the work that they did.

I had some things dusted, my windows were cleaned, the baseboards were swept and cleaned, and the home was vacuumed, and I finally felt comfortable in my home for the first time in a while. They even knew how to operate my vacuum cleaner. I examined all the work that was performed by the cleaners, and it helped me to determine what I was going to tip each person. I had two persons clean my home, and they were so good that I chose to give them each a $20 tip.  Check out Handy on Facebook and Twitter today.

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