Hawaii to Turn Old Buses into Mobile Shelters for the Homeless

Hawaii has the right idea, it seems. Group 70 International is hoping to turn the old city buses in the Aloha State into a sort of mobile shelter for the homeless people living on the beautiful island. Ma Ry Kim, who is part of Group 70 International, said that the idea is to convert these old buses into a space that will provide a place for people to sleep, shower, live, and even have an area for recreation. The idea is that each bus will provide an area- one for sleeping, one for showering, one for recreation, and one with a living space. The fleet of buses will be built and supplied by people who are volunteering on the project. Kim says that many people are on board with the idea for the project and are donating or volunteering to help out.

I think this is a wonderful idea. According to niteroi, it will give homeless people a chance to feel whole again and maybe even work to getting their life back on track. People become homeless for many reasons and this may be what they need to help them get stabilized again. I hope that this project is a go and we hear some positive updates about it.

For the full story, check it out on Yahoo News.

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