Helane Morrison Promoting Diversity In The Workplace

It is important for there to be diversity in the workplace. Having a policy of inclusion helps there to be more diversity. When a workplace focuses on becoming more diverse, the company does better. They are able to focus on finding the people that truly help the company to advance the most. Helane Morrison has used this approach the company she works to manage, Hall Capital. She makes it a point to hire people of varied backgrounds, and the company she helps to manage has become extremely successful. In fact, it is one of the top companies in San Francisco. 

It is becoming more common for companies to attempt to increase their diversity. Companies that do often find that they have more competent employees. This is because they are drawing employees from a broader demographic of people. The more people that a company considers, the more likely it is that they will get the best and the brightest. Helane Morrison makes it a point to hire both male and female employees just as frequently. Helane actually has heard from colleagues that at some companies, there are actually meetings exclusively for the female employees, because of their feelings of disconnection from the rest of the company.

Morrison looks back upon the times that she was in college studying finance. She recalls that about half of the class was men and the other half of the class was women. However, she has noticed that once she began working in financial corporations, much of the leadership was dominated exclusively by men. However, she was able to make it into the upper ranks of business. Eventually, she became one of Hall Capital’s managers.

Hall Capital has three women in the top levels of it’s management. This in and of itself promotes further workplace diversity. Women would feel very encouraged to apply to the company, knowing that there are women in the upper ranks. They would not feel intimidated by the idea of there being a “glass ceiling” in Hall Capital. Also, Hall Capital makes an effort to include people who are diverse in various ways, such as cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The company has also become extremely successful. In fact, Hall Capital currently manages 24 billion dollars worth of investments! The company’s diversity has likely greatly contributed to their success. Helane Morrison has been part of the effort to make the company larger and more successful. Read the full story about the female leadership at Hall Capital here: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/print-edition/2013/05/03/hall-capitals-leaders-foster-culture.html

Hall Capital is a very successful company. It is also a very diverse one, with women as the top levels of management. Helane Morrison is one of the upper managers of this company, and she does a very good job at advancing the company’s interests.

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