Helane Morrison’s Commitment to Justice and Transparency on Investments

Where finance and business is concerned, everyone needs an ethical partner to give them trusted investment advice. People are wary of investing especially those who lack experience in the field. The thought of approaching an investment advisory firm may not be welcomed by most people since some firms only work to profit themselves.

Getting a firm with a successful track record and transparency is vital for anyone seeking to succeed in investment. The 2007 global economic crisis changed the view of many people and caused mistrust. The banks that people trusted with their hard earned money turned out to have repelling discoveries full of corruption and stock markets crumpled too. Discoveries of false audit claims and underhand deals made the finance and investment world less appealing.

Consequently, people lost their trust and faith in investments and insecurity set in. With the upcoming presidential election, top investors are wary of investing as one cannot predict how the new government organizes the fiscal policy.

Investing is a lucrative business that is almost impossible to avoid since most basic salaries don’t cater for a better lifestyle. 9 years after the crisis does not necessarily mean that the corruption ended; an average investor is still at risk of being exploited by a broker. Luckily, there are some firms who work under ethical principles and have successful track records.

One such firm is the Hall Capital advisory firm. Located in San Francisco, it handles over 24 billion assets and it’s the most successful. It is highly respected for its ethical culture. Helane Morrison the Chief Compliance Officer of the firm together with the top officials work towards regaining trust of clients in respect to the mistrust created by the financial crisis. They insist on regulatory compliance and Morrison ensures each investment made for a client is solid and ethical through her team known as the ‘examination staff’ and enforcement staff.

Helane Morrison’s passion for integrity

Helane Morrison has worked hard throughout her career life to ensure integrity by exposing corrupt deals in the world of business. Generally, her career can be summarized into journalism, legal work and government service. She started her career as a journalist and after acquiring her degree in law, shifted to work in the Court of Appeals before going in to private practice.

The government recognized her abilities and gave a position at SEC where she ended up as the Head of Commission and Regional director. She is a board member of hedge fund subcommittee of the American Bar Association where she works to ensure there is transparency in hedge fund sector.

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