Her Nose Knows It: Streisand Never Sex Harassment Victim

Barbra Streisand has had a long and glorious career, and at age 75, she’s still going strong.

The legendary star was recently asked about the #MeToo movement and if she had ever experienced being sexually harassed.

She smiled and said, “Never.” Streisand revealed that it was probably due to the size of her nose, admitting that she wasn’t like the “pretty girls with nice little noses.”

The talented singer/actress/director was honored last weekend at the annual PaleyFest at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater, according to an item in the Huff Post. She was interviewed by longtime TV producer and Streisand admirer Ryan Murphy.

Deadline says that Streisand was often mistreated unfairly by the media and had a couple of run-ins with Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters when she appeared on their television programs.

She was only 19 at the time, and Wallace was harsh with his words.

Another involved Walters’s interview with Streisand and her support of Al Gore in his bid for president.

Streisand didn’t like the way she was portrayed in the editing process and then, appeared on C-Span to clarify her statements. Walters didn’t take kindly to the jump in networks by the singer, but Streisand says she doesn’t hold it against Walters.

Barbra Streisand believes the #MeToo movement has begun a new chapter against gender inequality that’s been rampant through Hollywood and modern culture, saying that everyone must come to the center. She credits the power of protest for creating change.

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