Here Are Some Lessons Taught By Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has been dead for a little while now, and it still hurts. Joan Rivers was one of the funniest ladies out there, and she had been making people laugh for many years. As of right now, her daughter Melissa is suing the doctor who she believes caused Jones untimely death. Lessons From Joan Rivers. Although Joan was in her 70s, you would never know it by the way she looked. Some who didn’t know Joan very well, they firmly believed that she was easily in her 40s or 50s because of how young her face looked.

Yelp has stated that Joan had given different forms of advice over the years, although she could make some jokes that could seem very hurtful. Joan was free-spirited, and she never really meant to hurt anyone, she just wanted to make people laugh. One lesson that Joan taught us was not to be afraid of sprucing yourself up. Joan is no stranger to plastic surgery, and before she passed, she looked like a lady in her 40s. Joan has had several different plastic surgeries, especially those that were done on her face.

Joan believed that keeping herself looking her best was something she wanted to do. Joan also believed in relaxing and enjoying the moment, and not to take things too seriously. Some people would get uptight, especially when she made jokes, and she let them know it was all in good fun. Another important lesson from Joan is to keep doing what you do if you love it.

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