Highland Capital Management Owes its Success to its Founder

In the recent financial return 2016, the portfolio of Highland capital management was still high. It had its top 10 holdings performing exemplary well in the market with and had made new stakes with new buys. The top new buys include Spdr SP 500 Etf Tr, Amazon Com Inc., Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc., Danaher Corp Del and Intracellular Therapies Inc. Highland Capital Management also sold out its stakes in some of the sectors something common with hedge funds maybe to add value, create a momentum or create the hedge fund a better position in the market, or possibly to embark on a new venture in the market. The performance of highland capital management as a hedge fund is remarkably good especially with its target being more on health sector recording 18% and information technology recording a similar percentage.

James Dondero is a tough credit analyst who has been in the financial sector especially credit analysis for more than 3 years. He embarks on investments that are tough and required hard work. He is not the kind of an investor to go for easy investments strategies but in return, his company has been top most among other hedge funds in America. He has 24 diversified alternatives as a manager and investment expert. Of the distressed area that he has been dealing with include below investment grade securities, niche products like oil and gas and private equity in distress. The sectors made James Dondero develop alternative solutions to credit distress like the hedge fund, REITs, private equity and institutionalized banking. His products have received recognition with awards and application by many financial institutions, retailers and consumers too.

James achieved a very great profit back in 1989 when he was the chief investment officer of Protective Life GIC subsidiary. The business grew to over $ 2 billion in a span of 4 years. He was also an investment manager with American Express and he managed $ 1 billion for the company. James is a certified CPA, CMA, and CFA. He is a beta gamma sigma graduate of the University of Virginia and has acquired lots of recognition by being allowed to be a trusted board member of over 12 public and private corporations. James is tough and works tirelessly in investments, and his efforts are eminent with Highland capital management. He has managed to develop lots of solutions with his team of employees because he works as a team player. His achievements are beyond other investors, and he is the kind of an investor to reckon with.

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