Highland Capital Welcomes New Leadership Of Institutional Products? Terry Jones Takes Up The Mantle!

Terry Jones appointment as HCM (Highland Capital Management) new president isn’t untoward. After all, James Dondero, the group’s co-founder, and the chief president is extremely particular when appointing leadership. So, how does Mr. Jones expertise fit HCM already well-rounded model? He’s committed some twenty-five years to the shifting financial services sector. With this, he’s prepared to practice with precise accuracy and coherence at HCM. He’ll report directly to president/controlling partner James Dondero. In fact, Dondero is the mastermind behind Jones appointment.

With Mr. Jones as an addition, HCM executive body aims to redress critical risk management areas. Certainly, Mr. Jones expertise in measuring and handling portfolio risks is an asset to reaching an agreeable outcome. He’ll conduct a thorough search and inspection across HCM extensive platform to identify, access and mitigate risks. Additionally, Mr. Jones should serve as an intervention in border sales transactions and strategic business development as the firm positions itself to ride the volatile financial market verticals.

Largely, Terry Jones inclusion as part of the HCM executive family has many perks. In fact, James Dondero boldly expressed how his addition will transform the firm on diverse levels, especially with respect to optimizing client resources and isolating the vehicles influence risks. What’s more, Mr. Jones has no reservations about joining HCM. He acknowledges this an opportunity garner additional experience, especially given HCM impressive reputation as an elite investment and finance boutique. HCM operates principally out of Dallas.

Today, it manages over $20 billion assets as Terry Jones enter office as president governing the firm’s Institutional Products. He comes highly qualified and seasoned as a former Highland Funds Lead Director, SEI AIC III and New York’s Genworth Life Insurance Company board associate. In addition, Mr. Jones formerly worked as Goldman Sachs portfolio manager and founded Battersby Capital Management. At Battersby Capital Management, he took up office as CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and president. The executive graduated CBS (Columbia Business School), a BGS (Beta Gamma Sigma) scholar and a Columbia College Economics BA honoree.

HCM co-owner and the group’s president, James Dondero launched the investment banking consultancy in 1993. He has some thirty years under his belt as an equity/credit markets specialist. Additionally, he goes by the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and CMA (Certified Management Accountant) designation. A BAP (Beta Alpha Psi) and BGS (Beta Gamma Sigma) legatee, James Dondero holds the highest respect as a U.Va. MSC (the University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce) scholar.

In 1984, Dondero entered Morgan Guaranty Trust where he functioned as a financial analyst. This was his first employment. He pursued higher hierarchies as he navigated market verticals occupying roles as Protective Life GIC Chief Investment Officer and more. Currently, he’s an appointment board associate of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Additionally, Dondero chairs Nexbank, CCS Medical, and Cornerstone Healthcare. Read the full PR Newswire story here!

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