How Doe Deere Rebels Against the Laws of Fashion

Acclaimed queen of the unicorns and CEO of Lime Crime’s makeup line, Doe Deere never restricts herself to the stifling fashion and beauty laws. As a rebel, she sees them more as suggestions to help you on your path to hotness. Featuring gorgeous colorful locks and unique makeup color palettes, it’s not at all surprising that Doe Deere has busted through the walls of fashion like a rainbow wrecking ball. Check out her four favorite fashion rules to break.

1. Don’t pair bold eyes with bold lip colors.
If you haven’t heard this one before, you’re definitely in the minority. One of the oldest rules in the book, “they” say you should never couple more than one bold feature with your makeup. Well your favorite beauty icon, Doe Deere finds herself breaking this law on the daily and she’s not the only one. Take a look at any of the most beautiful celebs and you’ll notice smoky eyes and bold lips are simply stunning. So keep things exciting and fresh by having fun with glam looks.

2. You shouldn’t mix too many colors.
Since “too many colors” is obviously objective, this rule is a toughie. However, Doe Deere firmly believes that there’s absolutely no shame in the game if you don a massive splash of color. This is a fantastic fashion rule to break whether it’s for your hair color, clothes or even your makeup. For those a bit shy when it comes to jumping into the rainbow right away, first try dabbling in the color palette with a touch here and there.

3. Never wear socks with open toes or heels.
Reigning unicorn queen, Doe Deere has changed the game with this “grandma trend.” You’ll be surprised at just how much fun it is to break this lame law. Couple your favorite patterned socks or tights with whatever shoe you like. After all, why should you cover those sexy socks with your shoes when you can rock the heel or open toed shoe? Never pack away your summer kicks again.

4. Don’t clash with mixing patterns.
This may be the most mundane fashion rule ever to come into existence. All the same, so many fearfully abide. Don’t worry yourself too much about clashing patterns. Simply go for what you like and you’ll see that most patterns are complimentary. Doe Deere says let loose and mix and match those bold patterns. You only live once, right?

Check Doe Deere in the video below!

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