How Does Securus Make Video Calls To Jail Possible?

Securus is really one of the best things that has ever happened to our family because we needed to be able to talk to my grandfather in jail. We have not been able to get up there very much, and we wanted to see if we could see him in person. Securus has made it so that all the jails they work in have cameras, and then they have made this app that I can use when I want to call in. I discovered this app, from a PR Newswire feature. I told all the people in my family to get the app on their phones, and then I made sure that we have all huddled around to talk.

The best part of this is that it works in tandem with the jail so that they are using a secure line. They have made it so that we can have private conversations, and I do not feel like we are out talking in public. We have been able to have a lot of long talks ont he app, and we have used more than one device to have the chats that we have. It is really nice to have these talks because they are so simple for us to start, and then we can use just one device.

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I have been able to check in a lot more on Securus, and we are going to keep doing this until my grandfather gets out of jail. We owe him that much, and I think it is really the only way to go to make sure that he knows that we are here. Seeing someone in person makes a big difference, and it helps when we are all trying to make sure that he is alright. The fear has been replaced with relief because we can use Securus at any time. Securus is an A+ rated company by the BBB.

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