How Fashion and Technology Combination Rewards Consumers

The integration of technological advancements into fashion, or vice versa, has been in the making for far too long that the idea will no longer surprise the citizens of all nations, even though it will make them anticipate for any amazing byproduct that the two fields can generate.


According to Chris Burch, a boom box was a vital accessory for the people in the early 70s who were following the hip culture. Regardless of the weight of the equipment, many still carried it on their shoulders at the time. When the Walkman came out during the 90s, it offered individuals a chance to listen to music on the streets and incorporate the device to their outfits. By the moment that the 21st century started, iPods became the ‘in’ thing, and everyone had to have it with them so that they could seem cool in front of the others.


The newer technological inventions that get released in the market, on the other hand, are not simply a means to keep the consumers entertained on their way to a specific destination. In fact, most of the fashionable accessories that can be found now are supposed to increase the protection of the users while on the road. An example of this is the Airbag for Cyclists which Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt synthesized. This system has to be worn on the neck, and in case of emergency an airbag will come out of it to prevent the user’s head or face from getting damaged by the impact of the crash. In a different instance, there is a pair of Frontline Gloves that Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan have produced to assist firefighters in producing hand signals to inform one another of the current situations with the burning establishment.


Inventors are also highly interested in creating stylish products out of scrap materials. As a matter of truth, Emma Whiteside has been able to craft a long, beautiful gown from radiator copper, while SegraSegra has generated T-shirts and jackets from the bicycles’ inner tubing.


Of course, items that combine practicality and endurance are not far behind. To be precise, there are sneakers at present which have a charging system attached to them. Thus, every time the consumer runs, he or she can charge their mobile device.


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