How White Shark Media Handles Its Customer Complaints And What Every Company Should Learn From Them

Any business regardless of whether it offers goods or services to its clients comes across customer complaints. Complaints are part of the growth journey and therefore, business owners should not be worried about them. If anything, they are supposed to be happy because that means their effect is felt even though it is not in the best way. To get a customer complaint and fret is one thing just as it is to get a complaint and get working to ensure that it never happens again.

White Shark Media knows how to keep its clients close. It knows that by ensuring that the client gets satisfaction is imperative for its uninterrupted growth as well as future successes. The company has managed to reach a point where it feels that it has made enough mistakes and seeks to address them so that clients can rest assured that it will at every moment try to offer them with solutions that work as they are designed to.

When customers complain that they have lost touch with their Ad-word campaigns, the company realizes that the customer is not taken through the ins and outs of the campaigns and therefore, it works to ensure that communication is improved from that point.

On the other hand, when customers complain that they feel like they are getting inadequate communication, the company slots monthly calls to improve the experience. White Shark also provides phone systems with direct extensions for the same purpose.

When customers complain that their brand new campaigns are not performing as well as their old ones, White Shark provides experienced supervisors who oversee the campaign management and provide feedback.

In the event that a customer asks for SEO services, the company evaluates their needs and out of that, advises on the most appropriate company to deal with.

In the rare event that a customer complains about signing up and getting a contact person who is not in tune with their needs, the company forwards the reported case to its Senior SEM consultants who take over from that point.

When a customer feels that a campaign is created from an account that he/she does not like, the company gives them full control of the account. From 2010 however, the company made sure that all campaigns it runs for its customers are on their accounts.

Out of being very responsible and open when handling its customers, White Shark has received a lot of positive reviews in the last couple of months. Out of that, many business owners and prospective business people will attest to the fact that excellent customer care is key to the success of any business. It has managed to build trust and therefore, taken the business to another level.

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