Human Rights Foundation Superstars

People do not think about the Human Rights Foundation until they feel that their rights have been taken from them. The Human Rights Foundation is there to defend peoples’ rights and defend a liberal democracy. They are on a mission to make sure that the rights of people all around the world are upheld and they are treated with respect and dignity. Their mission is actually two fold. They are there to defend human rights and to bring light to the problems people have maintaining or attaining their personal freedom.

Human Rights Foundation Leader
The leader of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen. He is a fighter in the war against those that would take away the freedom of the individual. Thor Halvorssen is also a recognized film producer. Halvorssen is not the new advocate on the scene. He has had a long interest in defending the rights of the individual. It started back in London during 1989. Thor Halvorssen was a teen at that time. However, he was vehemently opposed to South African apartheid policy. It appears that taking away personal freedom hit close to home for Halvorssen. The young teen experienced his father having his personal rights taken away in Venezuela. His father became a political prisoner in that country.

The human rights issue hit close to home and this influenced his desire to protect the rights of the individuals around the world. He founded the Human Rights Foundation back in 2004. Ironically, it was his mother that influenced him to start the organization. She was shot during a political protest during that time. Halvorssen is not a stranger to the media. He has shared his view on human rights in interviews, television, and printed media around the world. Halvorssen has also produced several films on human rights. In addition, Halvorssen received an excellent education in political science and history at the University of Pennsylvania to prepare him for his leadership role with the Human Rights Foundation. Today, the Human Rights Foundation plays a very significant role in liberating political prisoners and securing human rights around the world.

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