Hylands Homeopathic: A Brand Moms Trust

Since it was founded in 1903 by pharmacist George Hyland, the Hyland brand has been dedicated to creating natural products that encourage the body to heal itself. Hyland’s social media shows a brand that focuses on family. There are real pictures of real fathers, mothers, and children. Hyland isn’t just a company selling products. They are providing remedies to make sick children feel better. When the kids are happy, the families can get back to living their lives.


This is a video that nearly all moms can relate to. It depicts the ebbs and flows of motherhood. There are moments of frustration, joy, happiness, and sadness. The video captures the vulnerability of mom’s having to let their children go out into the world, and of sacrificing “me-time” for “mom-time”. It also shows the unnerving public meltdown that toddlers so often have. We see a mom who is the world to her child, as big as a giant. In that moment she feels helpless because she is unable to soothe her screaming toddler. A stranger is able to help, but she is no stranger at all because she, too, is a mother.


In another scene, we see two mothers, one old, one young, share a quite glance. You can see the happiness in their faces. Perhaps the young mother is thinking of the day that her daughter will marry. Perhaps the older mother is remembering when her daughter was just a baby. The commercial shows women of different ages and ethnicities sharing the common bond of motherhood.


No one worries about a child quite like their mother. Because of the bond that moms share, mothers trust other mothers’ opinions. Hyland has positioned itself as a trust-worthy provider of products that moms can feel comfortable recommending to other moms.


Hyland’s use to carry a product known as Hyland’s Teething Tablets that was recently recalled. Hyland’s Teething tablets are no longer on the market, but there have since been other products developed to help assist oral pain for babies.


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