IAP Worldwide Continues To Raise The Bar With Their Services

Today, IAP Worldwide Services has become one of the leading international providers of logistics and facility management as well as a host of other technical services. They specialize in professionalism and surpassing the expectations of their clients. Throughout their long history, they have been recognized as a company that can do the impossible.

The company’s origins began more than 60 years ago, based out in South Carolina in Irmo. IAP started off primarily as a logistics and procurement company. Luckily enough, the company earned a contract with the US Government, where they were supplying the US Army with generators. Since then they have managed to build their contracts with governments into hundreds of millions of annual revenue.

Throughout the years that the company has been in business, they have continued to improve on their services and extend into more areas by acquiring new companies on clearancejobs.com. This gives them more specialties and expertise to handle problems from their clients. They are capable of providing their services all around the world in a timely and professional manner, never missing a chance to do more than expected.

IAP Worldwide managed to acquire the engineering company, G3 Systems in 2006, which opened the doors for engineering departments. This business provided services on prnewswire.com all over the United Kingdom, to both governments and commercial residences. By acquiring the company, IAP Worldwide is now able to maintain, design, and operate different equipment in the most challenging and remote locations across the globe.

Over their many years of business, IAP Worldwide has gone through several restructurings, and today they have more than 2,000 dedicated employees that are working in more than 100 different locations in countries all around the world.

IAP Worldwide is capable of handling nearly all situations today, whether it be mission support or providing relief in the case of a natural disaster. Their services and abilities to plan, coordinate, and executive plans with proficiency is top notch, allowing them to beat out much of the competition in the industry. They have managed to build up government contracts on Facebook in the US, supplying more upwards of 175,000 military personal at locations all over the Middle East and United States.

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