IAP Worldwide Services Acquires A&L and TCNS Units from DRS Technologies

The Aviation & Logistics (A&L) and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) Units Acquisition is one of IAP Worldwide Services long term strategy for national and international growth. IAP Worldwide is a leading provider of services in logistics, technology, and complex management. The company has a 63-year history providing services to government agencies and organizations. Since IAP was founded in 1953, the service provider has grown continuously through many mergers and acquisitions. Some of IAP’s accomplishments include building and operating the U.S. Space Launch facility; and providing generator supplies to the United States Army in Saudi Arabia.

DRS Technologies and IAP Worldwide reached an agreement to give IAP control of the two units. Tactical Communications & Network Solutions and Aviation & Logistics services and products are united in the new Aviation & Engineering Solutions of the IAP’s National Security Program. Solutions for aviation and engineering include communications support, information technology, engineering, logistics, mission support, and aircraft maintenance & repair. The acquisition enables IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. to increase its markets, expand services & products, and opens avenues to service customers worldwide. A&L will continue its operations in Oklahoma and operation of TCNS will remain in Maryland.

Doug Kitani serves as CEO and provides leadership of management and running daily operations at IAP Worldwide. The Cape Canaveral, FL-headquartered company has over 100 offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Middle East. IAP specializes in government services, power generation, emergency relief, transportation, and procurement contracts. Former names of the business are Pan Am and Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS). JCWS and Readiness Management were merged to organize IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.

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The Aviation & Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions merger and acquisition transaction was officially announced by IAP to PR Newswire on November 5th, 2016. Customers are now capable of retrieving products and services around the globe. The solutions are marketed to existing customer base in the U.S. and expected to enter into international markets. During 2016, IAP acquired British engineering company, G3 Systems.

IAP offers broaden services solutions for infrastructure, government & organization support, power, aviation, engineering, IT, and communications. The team of engineers design reliable power source systems for electricity and provides installation and operation services. IAP also upgrades and repairs aircrafts in its Aviation Programs and improves test equipment and stations. Doug Kitani has a positive outlook of the merger & acquisition of DRS Technologies units and G3 Systems.

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