Igor Cornelsen Offers Basic Investment Rules

Igor Cornelsen is among Brazil’s most trusted and respected investment advisors. He has long been able to show people how to make money investing in Brazil’s often volatile yet always lucrative stock market. The key to his success is the rules he uses when making investments. They are not arcane rules which employ complex mathematical formulas. Most of them are simple, common-sense rules any investor can use to improve their chances of being able to make money in this resource-rich South American nation. For decades Cornelsen used these rules to help make people investing in Brazil fabulously wealthy.


Invest For The Long-Term


This is an important tenet in Igor Cornelsen’s investment strategy. The Brazilian markets are volatile. They often fluctuate wildly. Do not react to every slight change in the market. Rely on your research and guidance and do not focus on short-term gains. By remaining patient and sticking to your investment strategy you can reap generational wealth in Brazil.


Get Reliable Investment Advice


Investing in Brazil can be challenging. Even veteran investors find it difficult to predict what the markets and the economy are going to do from day to day. It takes an investment advisor with deep insight and a track record for success to help guide investors. It’s essential to find someone with a deep and thorough understanding of the Brazilian markets and economy to guide your investment efforts.


Drop Losing Investments


The goal of investing is to make money. If an investment is consistently losing money you must get rid of it as soon as possible. A losing stock can drain all the profit from an investor’s portfolio. Taking quick action when you identify a losing stock is important to keeping the profits in your investment portfolio growing.


Diversify Your Investment Portfolio


According to Igor Cornelsen, one of the most important actions for improving your chances of making money while investing is to diversify your investment portfolio. It’s recommended you have a mix of low risk, low reward stocks and high risk, high reward stocks. This bodes well for the long-term growth of your portfolio’s value.

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