In His New Book, Charles Koch Shares about the Guiding Principles to Success

From his latest book, it is clear that Koch wants to share his great wealth of ideas. He strongly believes that there are many guiding principles that have enabled him and Koch Industries Inc to succeed. The aim of sharing these principles is the reason behind, “Good Profit,” a book written by Koch. He has promoted the book in the media in a way he has never done before.

In a recent weekly edition by the Wichita Business Journal, Koch provides insights on the book and talks about the experience of promoting and sharing the ideas. According to him, promoting the book was an opportunity cost because in some way, it destructed him from the daily running of the United States’ second biggest privately held firm. The book’s idea that explains his business philosophy of market-based management as its core principles is so important to him. This is why he considered the risk worthwhile.
As much as critics will always question the motive of anything that Charles Koch does, he has continued doing what he loves. He notes that helping others is the factor that makes him happy leading to a level of satisfaction that he wishes for anyone. Koch notes that he cares about what he thinks of himself. According to him, the thing that makes people happy is finding out what their passion is, developing it and utilizing it to do well. Koch asserts that this is one of the ways that people can lead a meaningful life. This statement explains the reason behind Koch’s push to share ideas with a wider audience.
Koch is a renowned American businessman, industrialist, philanthropist and author. He is the chief executive officer, the chairman and co-owner of the Koch industries that operates from Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch and his brother David inherited the business from their father and expanded it into the conglomerate that it is today. Initially, Koch Industries used to deal with chemicals and oil refining. However, they diversified their investments and today the company deals with minerals, commodity trading and polymers among other areas. Before writing his book, “The Gift of Profit”, Koch had written another book in 2007 titled “The Science of Success”, which also dwelt on his management philosophy. Koch is one of the highly educated businessmen with a bachelors degree and two masters of science degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Koch continues to inspire many people through his ideas and contributions in the society.

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