Investment Executive Keith Mann Actively Participates in Creating Opportunities for Low-Income Students

There are some entrepreneurs who take an active interest in helping people with low-income backgrounds create better lives for themselves. Business executive Kieth Mann is one such individual. In an effort to help underprivileged students attain their goals, Mr. Mann has established a scholarship program in the name of himself, and his wife Keely. The yearly scholarship will be awarded to one high school senior graduating from any one of Brooklyn’s Uncommon Schools. Uncommon Schools are designed to offer free education to children coming from low-income backgrounds. These schools are also designed to bridge the gap between the student’s economic status and their pursuit of a successful career, by preparing them for college.

A Philanthropic Point of View

Keith Mann has made many financial contributions to help students in the New York area obtain educations that will help them get accepted into college. Mr. Mann understand the importance education has in creating a stable economy. Kieth Mann is no stranger to the world of economics. As one of the co-founders of Dynamics Search Partners, Mr. Mann has spent the last fifteen years assisting companies with hedge fund investments. In his position as Managing Director for Dynamics Search Partners, Kieth Mann worked to establish the company as one of the leading executive investment staffing firms in the nation.

Currently, Mr. Mann holds the position of CEO with the company he co-founded in 2002. He has taken an active stance on helping students in Uncommon Schools succeed in the business world. In the future Mr. Mann would like to expand his philanthropic endeavors to include all grade levels K-12, within the network of Uncommon Schools in the New York area. Currently, the scholarship set up by Mr. Mann will offer the chosen student a monetary amount of five-thousand dollars they can apply toward their college tuition. This is just the first step in what Mr. Mann hopes will be an ongoing process to give educational opportunities to students from low-income backgrounds. Follow Keith on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on his charitable contributions.

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