An initial public offering is the first time a private company calls the public (private investors) to take up shares. It is a way for a corporation to raise money for its growth and became a publicly traded company. Mr Marcio is a banking expert who serves as the Vice President of Banco BMG.He is also an expert on IPOs and was recently interviewed on the same. He gives us a recap on the IPOs in history that changed things and the importance of IPOs to companies.
Marcio says the 1st motor company to raise an IPO was General Motors of the US. It is today valued at $ 53.12 billion dollars and recently celebrated 100 years since raising an IPO. Another company that raised an IPO was Ford Motors. It is an American based company that has pioneered heavy hitters in the market like the Ford Mustang and the Ford T. Its IPO led to an astonishing 600 million calls for the shares. This year, the biggest IPO was from the Japanese Post Holdings. It raised $ 12 billion in the exercise thanks to overwhelming interest from the Japanese public. Its stock value increased by 16%.It comes after Alibaba raised $ 21 billion in its IPO September last year.
Japan Post Holdings manages three separate companies. These are Japan post bank; Japan post insurance and Japan post postal services. It has 24000 post offices in Japan. It is one of the most recognized brands in Japan and it’s raising the amounts is not a surprise. Ferrari recently floated an IPO that has seen its shares increase by10%.It is today valued at $ 10 billion.
MarcioAlaor is a native of Santo Antonio do Monte, who rose from a shoe shiner to become the vice president of Banco BMG. He is a business administration graduate and has grown to become one of the most senior bankers in Brazil. He is also active in Philanthropy, having been recently awarded by his local town for his efforts there. He even had a food court named after him. He embodies the reputation BMG has with its clients of rising from nothing to build empires.
BMG has always hired those committed to their causes. It supports sports team across Brazil and recently announced its support for Tennis genius Marcelo Melo.

Source: Exame Magazine

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