It Doesn’t Get Better Than Qnet

Qnet is known as Hong Kong’s best direct sales company. Qnet is a company that is owned by QI Group. QI group was founded by Vijay Eswaran in 1998. This is a Hong Kong based business, but in spite of that they have offices in countries such as the United States, and other countries in Europe, Asia and beyond. Qnet deals with all types of different products and many of them are considered to be life enhancers. They were first known because as of Goldquest and they made commissioned gold coins. Later on the company began to branch out to deal with other markets as well. They began to offer telecommunications products, health and nutrition packets, vitamins, vacation packages, luxury watches, and much much more. The group acquired all of these different companies and products, because they wanted to be able to reach out to many more markets, and that is exactly what they have done.

Qnet is a company that does what is called multilevel marketing. Multilevel marketing is a way in which many people can receive benefits from the work of the team. Different independent representatives will refer products to customers and at the same time customers can become independent representatives as well. In that way the company can grow and also the representatives and the clients can receive benefits as well. Qnet has offices all over Asia in countries such as Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and the Philippines. Apart from that they also have companies and offices in Egypt, Rwanda, Iran, and Indonesia.

The products that Qnet offers are very unique and one of their most popular products have been Amezcua Bio Disc, and because it is a product that redefines and harmonizes the energy of water. This product has a very positive effect on the body, and because of that it is a well known and loved product by thousands of individuals around the world.

Qnet truly has an amazing business model, because they adhere to a very strict code of ethics, and they also follow very important core values. Qnet has a mission to be the leading company when it comes to direct sales in all of the world, and they want to be able to connect with the world through the use of their products, and also their business opportunities. Qnet is a company that is well known in Asia and around the world not only because of its products, but also because of the fact that they have a very reliable business model, and because they work to enhance the lives of all of their clients and employees.

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