It’s Never Too Late To Learn

A German woman has officially passed her doctorate aged 102, after the Nazi government refused to let her sit her final exams the first time round.

The right to an education is not appreciated until you are denied it, and there are too many people that have not only the right but the means to get their education and yet squander it. Dr. Rappoport had to endure getting all the way to the finish line of her schooling only to be stopped at crossing it! There are so many stories that inspire but this one goes a little further for me.

Imagine not only waiting but even to continue to have a desire to finish something you started over 77 years ago. Dr. Rappoport stated “this is about principle, not about me”, not too many people can make that statement and if they can it’s not at the ripe old age of 102! It takes a special level of resilience and courage to do what she has done! I mean imagine what people thought of her when she announced she was going to pursue her finish line. Skout said they probably thought her crazy! I think she should have her feat added to the Guinness book of world records.

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