James Dondero’s Former Experience and Education Propels Highland Capital Management

Leading investment firm, Highland Capital Management, is on a mission
to share their strategic low risk and capital conservation practices
with high profile individuals and major corporations worldwide. Since
their launch in 1993, this prestigious company is revered as the best
alternative credit management provider who continually strives to
pursue new business ventures. Their sustained interest in more
international expansion is supported with their extensive portfolio of
investment services which appeal to an extremely diverse group of
professionals and institutions all throughout the world. Moreover,
these various offerings strongly reflect the company’s philosophy
which involves tailoring their practices to adhere to each client’s
unique goals and expectations. Currently, this renowned corporation
maintains offices in over five major locations including Texas,
Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, and Seoul. Most prominently, as the
leading investment advisor, Highland Capital Management’s mission is
to present unprecedented financial guidance to individuals in many
cities and countries.

Highland Capital Management’s wide range of products is attracting a
variety of professionals worldwide. Although the business sector is
competitive and oversaturated with financial firms, the
corporation’s uniqueness lies in their extremely knowledgeable 180
employee team who are skilled in ensuring above average returns with
each investment. Moreover, this strategic company proudly maintains
services related to high yield credit, emerging markets, long/short
equity, real estate, and collateralized loan obligation (CLO).
Notably, these effective offerings are targeted toward professional
who would like a low risk and balanced portfolio even during volatile
markets. Undeniably, the executives at Highland Capital Management
strive to add profound value to the investor by implementing their
unique skills and expertise to the financial process.

In addition to providing safe and reliable business strategies, the
company also maintains a highly qualified management team. Currently
Highland Capital Management is led by Jim Dondero who is a seasoned
executive with ample experience in credit and equity markets. As an
expert businessman, his primary responsible is to oversee operational
decisions involving effective investment practices. Notably, Dondero’s
former training as a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial
Analyst, and Certified Managerial Account has greatly contributed to
his commendable success at Highland Capital Management. Moreover, his
degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia’s
McIntire School of Commerce have also influenced the company’s
recognition as the best independently-owned investment firm.

Today, Highland Capital Management remains the leader in practical
financial guidance and, therefore looks forward to expanding their
offerings more internationally. Unlike their competitors, this
well-known firm strives to balance capital preservation with an
appropriate return of investment in each client portfolio. Ultimately,
Highland Capital Management’s goal is to outsmart neighboring firms
with proven practices involving a top-down risk management framework.

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